It is my hope that all guests are healthy and continuing to follow protocols to protect themselves,their loved ones and the public.

As our beautiful state starts to gently re-open during Phase 1,I hold hope that Phase 2 will not be far behind.

Given the level of physical contact during services,I want to feel 100% confident in my ability to keep myself and my guests safe from this virus.

Fortunately ,my studio is a private,one on one environment.

Given that fact,I am confident in my ability to keep you safe.

I will have a brief questionnaire that must be filled out prior to each appointment.

Available services will be based on RI 

Department of Health guidelines.

I am always available through the website email as well as my personal cell phone,which I have decided to make available to the public.

My decision is in align with how I run my practice.

Feel free to contact me and I will answer any questions or concerns surrounding the re-opening of Amanda Grant Skincare.



Stay safe and be well xo




Discover your true beauty

Amanda Grant Skincare
117 Bellevue Avenue
Newport,RI 02840


My passion began over two decades ago in the field of aesthetics.It is the same today as it was when I stepped onto this path.

I was much younger then,yet I believed firmly that healthy skin is happy skin.

Allowing your skin to function on its own cycle,nourishing it with products that work synergistically with your skin and not against it,keeps the skin from being stressed.

We all know the physiological effects that stress produces in our bodies so where does that leave the skin?

In the same state.

I worked in many fields over the years ranging from luxury spas to medical and eventually teaching Aesthetics.

Botox,fillers or injections are a personal choice and I support my guests decisions on all levels.When done properly the results are beautiful.Moderation combined with a healthy,nourishing skincare routine allows balance.

I educate guests during their visit  with a variety of information/education which they can apply to their skin care regime.

My facial massage as well as my use of facial shiatsu and accupressure allow guests to experience a full state of relaxation.

There seems to be what I used to tell my students"a lost art of the facial massage".It is what most guests look forward to yet rarely receive.I work hands on from start to finish during each facial treatment.

My guests feel beautiful from the inside out at the conclusion of every visit.

Isn't that where true beauty begins?

Healthy,balanced skin is the key to anti-aging.

Simple,nourishing products deliver exactly what your skin is craving with immediate and long term results.

Feed your skin from within.

Shine from the inside out.



Farmaesthetics is the pioneer of natural skincare. Locally owned and harvested,each product is made with 100% natural organic farm ingredients.

Since Farmaesthetics began in 1999,they have become the leader in holistic skin


I proudly stand behind Farmaesthetics "sustainable beauty"promise.

Indulge your skin and senses with ingredients that feed your skin what it needs to maintain and sustain a level of optimum health.



Customized Facial~ 100.00

Sink into a luxurious bed and allow yourself to melt away...

I begin each facial with a brief analysis.

During the analysis I will address any skin concerns you have,ask questions about your current regimen as well as educate you about why something is or isn't working for you.

My approach is gentle and swift during the analysis and I love to hear what you have to say and answer any questions you have.

Once we have decided what your goals and expectations are,an indulgent cleanse and active exfoliation with steam prepare your skin for all the wonderful things to come! 

Extractions are performed lightly,if needed.

I continue pampering your skin with nutrient packed products followed with a healing face,neck and shoulder massage to continue lifting out any unwanted facial debris.

A soothing mask is applied to generate collagen production while bringing your skin into its final stages of balance,beauty and health.

Wrapping up your facial with a hand,arm and foot massage, each guest is treated to a scalp massage,final hydration and a delicious spritz of rose water and lemon.

Dermasweep Facial~ 125.00

This facial combines the benefits of your customized facial with the amazing results my guests return for time and again.

Dermasweep is a gentle and effective way of lifting and "vacuuming" away celluar buildup within the skin.It treats a variety of different skin concerns with it's patented bristles.

Whether your concerns are pigmentation,fine lines,acne or milia the Dermasweep delivers amazing results in your first treatment.

Waxing ~
Priced per service

Remove unwanted hair gently with a smooth,creamy wax developed for sensitive skin. 
Each wax is followed with a soothing balm that leaves the skin calm with no redness or irritation.

Tinting ~
Brows 15.00   Lashes 30.00

Using a Vegan based vegetable tint,I gently brush brows and lashes to a perfectly natural shade.
Each tint is personalized and custom blended to reveal beautifully natural looking brows and lashes.
Results last 4 weeks.


Opening Hours

All services by appointment only

Monday 9am-2pm

Tuesday 9am-2pm

Wednesday 2pm-9pm

Thursday 9am-2pm

Saturdays upon request



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